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RPG Trooper
Gen1 RPG Trooper.jpg

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army
G toxin.png Dr. Thrax
G stlth.png Kassad
G demo.png Rodall Juhziz


Anti-armour/anti-aircraft infantry


Type 69 RPG

Hit points


Armour type

Human Armor



Build time


Produced by

GLA barracks



Ground attack

40 (Infantry Missile)
50 (with AP Rockets) (Infantry Missile)
60 (with Anthrax Gamma) (Infantry Missile)

Air attack

40 (Infantry Missile)
50 (with AP Rockets) (Infantry Missile)
60 (with Anthrax Gamma) (Infantry Missile)




20 (10 if badly wounded)

Attack range


Sight range


Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png
AP Rockets
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons.jpg
Anthrax Gamma (Thrax only)
  • Strong vs. tanks
  • Weak vs. infantry
  • Comes up in pair when a Tunnel Network is completely built for the first time
Be on watch for the enemy!
- RPG Trooper exiting the Barracks

The RPG trooper was the basic anti-armour infantry unit of the GLA during the War against the GLA.

Background[edit | edit source]

Armed with the Type 69 RPG, a Chinese copy of the famous RPG-7, the RPG trooper was trained to fire at both ground and air targets. A pair of RPG troopers would emerge from the Tunnel Network to protect its entrance when it completed. Dr. Thrax equipped his RPG troopers' weapons with toxin-tipped rockets, increasing their damage output.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Name Description Details
Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png
Armor-piercing Rockets
Increases RPG Troopers' rocket damage by 25% (compared to unupgraded). Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons.jpg
Anthrax Gamma
Increases RPG Troopers' rocket damage by 50% (compared to unupgraded). Purchasable at Dr. Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2500.

In-game[edit | edit source]

A squad of RPG Troopers

RPG troopers fulfilled the basic function of anti-vehicle infantry in the GLA. Garrisoned in buildings, RPG troopers could provide a solid defense against attacks by enemy vehicles. As the war progressed, the GLA developed the battle bus, which could also allow infantry to fire from within it, acting as a moving bunker. This protected RPG troopers from machine gun fire and simply being run over, allowing them to hit-and-run better against slow-moving tanks. Like all other infantry, they were vulnerable to anti-infantry fire, and their weapon was ineffective against other infantry.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Dr. Thrax[edit | edit source]

Toxin trooper model
ZH Toxin RPG Trooper Icons.png

Dr. Thrax modified RPGs used in his ranks to fire rockets that spread toxins (with Anthrax Beta enabled by default) on detonation. They can be upgraded with Anthrax Gamma do increase damage output by 50%. Hence, his RPG troopers have a particularly effective Stinger tracking ability which quickly nullifies nearly all airborne threats.

In the mission Area Fifty-Two, Dr. Thrax's RPG troopers are renamed to toxin troopers, sporting a different icon and a slightly different model.

Rodall 'Demo' Juhziz[edit | edit source]

Rodall Juhziz' RPG troopers have warheads which have a more explosive impact than the standard ones. His RPG troopers, like most of his other infantry, are also equipped with explosives when upgraded and will detonate when killed.

Prince Kassad[edit | edit source]

In skirmish and multiplayer, Kassad does not have a unique variant of the RPG trooper. However, in the mission Hidden Agenda, his RPG troopers are fully stealthed.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Be on watch for the enemy!
- When emerging from the Barracks
Shh, I sense danger may be near!
- When selected
Quick, ready yourselves!
- When selected
The tunnels will protect us!
- When selected
Defending the tunnel network!
- When selected
Our land must be preserved!
- When selected
Guarding the GLA underground!
- When selected
Over there!
- When moving
Okay, over there!
- When moving
We must be careful!
- When moving
Watch your step!
- When moving
Stay close to safety!
- When moving
The enemy may be near!
- When moving
There they are!
- When ordered to attack
Get them! Get them now!
- When ordered to attack
Attack before they attack us!
- When ordered to attack
Overtake them!
- When ordered to attack
Don't let them get away!
- When ordered to attack
They are getting close!
- When ordered to attack
Defend our homes!
- When ordered to attack
It is too much!
- Under fire
I am losing ground!
- Under fire
Somebody, wish me a blessing!
- Under fire
I am alone!
- Under fire
I am failing!
- Under fire
Quick, run for shelter!
- When ordered to garrison building
We will be safe in there!
- When ordered to garrison building
Let's get in there!
- When ordered to garrison building
I fall to the enemy's hands...
- When surrendering
I can fight no longer...
- When surrendering
I grow weary of this task...
- When surrendering
We can hide our defenses with camo netting now!
- When the Camo Netting upgrade is completed
Our defenses will be hidden from the enemy!
- When the Camo Netting upgrade is completed
The new camo netting has arrived!
- When the Camo Netting upgrade is completed

Cut Demo RPG Trooper quotes[edit | edit source]

High explosives ready!
- When selected
It will be a big explosion!
- When selected
Demo grenades loaded!
- When selected
Blow up the area!
- When ordered to attack
Destroy them all!
- When ordered to attack
There may be some collateral damage!
- When ordered to attack

Cut Toxin RPG Trooper quotes[edit | edit source]

Toxic grenades primed!
- When selected
They cannot escape our toxins!
- When selected
We must use toxins to defeat them!
- When selected
Launch the toxic grenades!
- When ordered to attack
Toxicate them!
- When ordered to attack
Poison the enemy!
- When ordered to attack

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During development, the RPG trooper was called the tunnel fanatic and tunnel defender, as seen in the game's INI files. In the Rise of the Reds mod, they are renamed to tunnel defenders.
  • Both the Juhziz' and Thrax's RPG troopers were supposed to have additional exclusive quotes (see Quotes section above), but they were left unused.
  • RPG troopers carry what resembles the Chinese Type 69 RPG as seen in the icon (note its bi-pod), which, like other Chinese-made weapons, is in common use among Middle Eastern armed groups in reality. However, the in-game unit depicts them as using the RPG-27 instead.
  • Although the RPG troopers function as anti-air units, RPGs are not very useful against aerial targets aside from incredibly slow, low-flying aircraft (such as hovering helicopters) in real life. They are not the same as missiles fired by missile defenders or tank hunters that can track a target. This also applies to the ECM tank, which should not be able to deflect unguided rockets such as those fired by the RPG trooper.
  • In real life, RPGs are very effective against infantry and tanks, but for balancing reasons, it is only effective against tanks and aircraft in-game.
  • Dr. Thrax's custom campaign-only RPG trooper variant, dubbed the toxin trooper, is armed with the M72 LAW. Like the Type 69, it too is a poor choice as an anti-air weapon as it lacks tracking capabilities. In addition, the M72 LAW is a single use recoilless rifle in real life. After a rocket is fired, the tube becomes useless, and one has to grab another.

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