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Railgun accelerator

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Railgun accelerator

A Mammoth Mk. III, a Guardian cannon and a Titan Mk. II with accelerated railguns
A Mammoth Mk. III, a Guardian cannon and a Titan Mk. II with accelerated railguns

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All railgun-equipped units within target area temporarily receive rate of fire increase. Affected units also take damage over time for the duration of the accelerator.

The Railgun Accelerator is a support power in use by the Steel Talons armoured division. When their Guardian cannons , Titan Mk. II walkers or Mammoth 27s had been upgraded with railguns, this upgrade could be used to temporarily increase their rate of fire, and therefore, their damage output. However, this process caused the accelerators to overheat - it would also cause damage to the tank or walker. The damage due to heat could be compensated by using Adaptive armour, or offset with a Mobile Repair Transport, making this power useful to increase the damage dealt, while hopefully preventing the destruction of a Titan or Mammoth due to overheating. When used on a heroic unit the damage dealt is minor, and the firing rate is nearly triple that of a normal railgun.

Despite its potential, GDI leadership viewed the idea of damaging or possibly destroying a war machine for a temporary boost in firepower skeptically. Therefore, the accelerators never found use outside of the Steel Talons. Although some Steel Talons commanders did find it useful to activate the power on idle enemy armies to cause significant damage.

If a Steel Talons commander happens to gain command of Zone Troopers, this upgrade can be used on them. However, if used on weakened Zone troopers, contrary to common sense, they don't simply drop their overheating weapons, even if it causes their death.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

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