Ramming Speeds

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RA3 Gameicon.png
Ramming speeds!
- Shogun Battleship issuing a high speed crash through ships attack
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Ramming Speed.png

Ramming Speeds is the special ability of Imperial Shogun Battleships. When activated, the Shogun Battleship accelerates to ramming speeds and activates its prow-mounted Point Defense Shield, dealing massive damage to anything in its path.

Since the Shogun Battleship's Shirada Cannons can only be used at long range, this ability is very useful for dealing with enemy vessels that are too close for comfort. The damage it deals can sink light enemy units instantly and deal heavy damage to larger vessels. The speed boost it provides is also useful for getting out of tight spots.

However, this ability has a long cooldown time, so the timing for its activation needs to be carefully chosen.