Red Dawn (Red Alert mod)

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ModDB favicon.png This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both non-canon and non-official.
Red Dawn
Publisher Allen262
Latest version Updated as of October 22, 2014
Release date March 27, 2011
Genre Real-time strategy (mod)
Requirements Red Alert

Red Dawn is a total conversion mod, converting Red Alert into Tiberian Dawn.

Overview[edit | edit source]

It can be played in a classic mode and an extended mode. The classic mode tries to be as close as possible to Tiberian Dawn, while the extended mode has new units and an additional custom made jungle theatre.

The mod includes the original C&C campaigns and a few new missions. It can be played on multiplayer with CnCNet5.

Several subfactions from Kane's Wrath are present in the mod as countries:

  • Black Hand: Increased unit speed, more costly units.
  • Steel Talons: Increased fire power, slower units.
  • ZOCOM: Increased armor, slower units.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Gameplay video

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