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Renegade X

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Renegade X
Developer Totem Arts
Latest version Singleplayer standalone:
Black Dawn, 30 January 2012
Open Beta 5.354, 8 June 2018
Release date Singleplayer standalone:
Black Dawn, 30 January 2012
26 February 2014
Genre First/third-person shooter
Engine Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)
Modes Singleplayer (Black Dawn),
multiplayer (1.0 onwards)
Platforms Windows
Requirements "None for Current Versions"

Unreal Tournament 3 (v0.55 only)

Renegade-X is a free first-person shooter developed by Totem Arts. The aim of the project is to recreate and modernize Westwood Studios' Command and Conquer: Renegade multiplayer experience. Originally envisioned as a remake of the game in Unreal Engine 3, Renegade-X has evolved into more of a spiritual successor. Featuring updated gameplay, improved balance, enhanced graphics, intricate strategic depth, and a new approach to map design, Renegade-X aims to improve upon the original.

Versions[edit | edit source]

In September 2009, Renegade-X beta 0.55 was publicly released as a multiplayer-only modification for Unreal Tournament 3. After this version, the mod is no longer being developed as a modification for UT3, but as a free standalone game using Unreal Development Kit (UDK). As a result, the 0.55 beta is still available from the site, but no longer supported or patched by the development team.

On 28 January 2012, Totem Arts released a singleplayer demo called Renegade X: Black Dawn, a short standalone singleplayer game. The multiplayer version was first released on 26 February 2014 as an open beta, with Black Dawn missions excluded.

New features[edit | edit source]

While most the gameplay and unit roster and design were left intact and easily recognizable, the creators of Renegade X wanted to improve the original Renegade gameplay by adding many new features as well.

Aim down the sight (ADS)[edit | edit source]

While still keeping the arcade-shooter feel of fast-action, low-recoil, drawn-out gunfights from the original C&C Renegade, many weapons now have the ability to aim down sights just like modern shooters, which improve the accuracy and effective range of many weapons.

Capturable Tech Buildings[edit | edit source]

Structures in the mid-field can be captured by repairing their Master Control Terminal (MCT) instead of destroyed, granting your team a bonus (e.g. Tiberium silos increase income).

Master Control Terminal[edit | edit source]

This makes a return from C&C Renegade, but can be significantly damaged by small arms fire now. Any firearm can do significant damage to an MCT, from basic infantry doing 10% damage a clip, to advanced infantry doing 20-40% damage. 1 Timed C4, or 2 Remote C4, still do 1/3rd total damage to a structure, annihilating it in three bricks.

Structural armour[edit | edit source]

Structures have an armour and health bar. In total, it is equivalent to 120% of the building health in the original Renegade, 60% in armor and 60% in health. However, only armour can be repaired. Any damage over 61% to the structure is dealt to health, and cannot be repaired, leaving the building permanently damaged.

Infantry Specialization[edit | edit source]

Anti-Tank Infantry: Now slower than average infantry, resistant to explosive damage, more vulnerable against bullets.

Anti-Personnel Infantry: Now faster than average infantry, resistant to bullet damage, average explosive damage.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All Factions:

  • Airstrike-Marker Binoculars, purchase separately with any infantry.
  • Weak Repair-Disarm Handtools, require recharge after use, purchase separately with any infantry.
  • Anti-Tank Mines, 2 included with advanced anti-tank infantry.
  • EMP Grenades, prevents enemy vehicle from moving, disarms enemy Proximity C4, included with advanced anti-tank infantry.
  • Smoke Grenades, prevent enemy base defenses from firing at allies in the smoke, included with advanced anti-personnel infantry.
  • Proximity C4, also known as Anti-Personnel Mines, or just Mines. Stronger than in C&C Renegade, but still have a team-limit. Used to prevent infantry from entering doors. Included with Hotwire/Technician.
  • Free Characters retain the original suppressed pistol, Advanced Characters often carry Machine Pistols, Heavy Pistols, and Carbine Rifles as Sidearms.
  • In addition to 4 original free classes, a new free 5th class, Marksman, a weak long-range sniper.
  • Formerly Rocket Officers, now called Rocket Soldiers, use a single-fire high-damage lock-on bazooka, instead of a 6 shot missile launcher (which is still carried by GDI Gunner).
  • 500-cost Snipers do high damage but cannot kill most full-health advanced infantry in one hit.
  • 1000-cost Snipers have lethal headshots, but cannot kill free infantry in one hit with body shots.
  • All infantry have much more reserve ammo than in Renegade.

Global Defense Initiative:

  • Airstrike-Marker Binoculars, summon to the target location, 3 salvos of passing A10 fire.
  • Formerly cheap and expensive variants of GDI Sydney, the cheap variation was replaced entirely, by a new GDI McFarland character, equipped with a Flak-Gun equivalent to a Tier-2 Shotgun/Grenadier.
  • GDI Patch, no longer carrying Tiberium-Flechette Handgun, instead carries Tactical-Rifle, good against both infantry and vehicle armor, with a under-barrel grenade launcher.
  • Volt Autorifle, has a secondary to build up charge and release a high-damage slow-moving ball of electricity.

Brotherhood of Nod:

  • Airstrike-Marker Binoculars, summon to the target location, cannon-fire from an overhead AC130.
  • Laser Rifle now has 30-round magazine and 3-round burst-fire and infinite ammo.
  • Laser Chaingun now has 120-round magazine and infinite ammo.
  • Nod Mendoza, no longer carrying Volt Autorifle, instead carries Tiberium Autorifle, a new explosive Blue-Tiberium variant that fires flechette bullets and splash grenades.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Vehicles have the same roster as original C&C Renegade. Various changes and improvements include:

  • The APC and Transport-Helicoper carry 5 total occupants.
  • The Transport-Helicoper now wields passenger-operated miniguns.
  • The Nod Apache uses a rapid-fire missile pod, with high burst damage and slow reload, and a machinegun.
  • The GDI Orca use 4 stronger single-missiles, with high burst damage and slow reload, and a machinegun.
  • The Mammoth Tank use twin-cannons and a missile pod, with high burst damage and slow reload.
  • Any missile-based vehicle weapon, now has homing missiles and the ability to lock-on to targets.
  • Among various possible rewards from crates, you can now get Tiberian-Sun era vehicles: Titans, Wolverines, HoverMRLS, TickTank, ReconBike, and AntiArmorBuggy.

New Maps[edit | edit source]

Along with new features, the creators wanted to introduce new maps right alongside the "standard rotation" with the original maps. This is also to demonstrate the engine's endless possibilities.

C&C_Mesa was renamed to CnC_Mesa II. Since Beta 4, this map has had many changes in function.

Alternatively, CnC_WallsFlying is almost identical to it's C&C Renegade counterpart.

CnC_Field is much less modified, though changes were made where they might benefit reducing stalemates.

Goldrush, Lakeside and Whiteout are Renegade X exclusive maps, not from C&C Renegade. Nonetheless, they are well-established since early versions of Renegade X.

The advent of Beta 4 reintroduced more C&C Renegade original maps, Canyon, Complex, as well as a significantly modified Under, now named CnC_UnderRedux.

The release of Beta 5 has seen the introduction to Infantry-Only maps, the first official one being CnC_Valley.

Also introduced in Beta 5 was the inclusion of community-made maps, using the Ren-X Software Development Kit, the UDK build that Totem Arts released. Included in the official updates, are maps made by members of the playerbase, the first of which were CnC_TrainingYard and CnC_Eyes.

System requirements[edit | edit source]

For the Black Dawn Singleplayer Beta:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium D 3,0 GHz / AMD Athlon64 X2 4400 2.2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB for Windows XP / 2 GB for Windows Vista/7
  • Video: 256 MB
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Free HDD: 4.5 GB

For the Multiplayer/Skirmish Beta 5+, at minimum:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7 for Client, can run server through Linux via virtual OS
  • Processor: ~2.6GHz CPU
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM free (after idle/background usage)
  • Video: 256 MB, either dedicated, or newer than 2012 if integrated.
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Disk Space: 10 GB
  • For Leaderboards, game detects Steam login in background

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