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The repair drone is a simple, ingenious piece of technology. Essentially a multi-purpose maintenance and repair bot using two VTOL turbofan engines, a mechanical arm that can be equipped whith a cutting laser, welding device or just grabbing claws, a few solar panels and basic AI routines designed for one thing: repairing and arming vehicles. It is employed by both GDI and Nod and is deployed from war factories and airfields/air towers respectively. The repair drone is also used in combination whith the cranes and mechanical arms on the Steel Talons Mobile Repair Transport and the GDI Battle base (which is a deployed Rig).

The Scrin use a similar, more advanced version. They are similar to the drones used by GDI and Nod, but Scrin foremen have the option to teleport some of them anywhere on a battlefield for quick repairs. The Scrin repair drones can also heal alien infantry. The invaders utilized another, much larger kind that the Scrin used to build their biggest buildings that can not be teleported in via a Drone Ship, such as the Thresholds.

Repair drones cease functioning when power is low.

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