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Village to the north blockaded by ants
Village to the north blockaded by ants





It Came From Red Alert!


England, Great Britain


RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces


Giant Ants

  • Evacuate the civilians to the northwest
  • Destroy all bridges in the area

Who would've believed it -- Giant Ants.

Now that your MCV has arrived, we must evacuate the civilians in the area -- they don't stand a chance against these ants.

There are two villages in your immediate area. Locate them and evacuate the civilians to the island in the northwest. You'll also have to take out all the bridges in this area to stop the ants from completely overrunning you.

You must destroy the bridges, and evac at least one civilian from each town for the mission to be a success.
- Mission briefing

Rescue! is the second Giant Ants mission. The objective is to rescue civilians from the two villages under siege by the ants, and demolishing the bridges in the area to prevent the ants from overrunning the outpost again.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Allies now confirmed that they were indeed attacked by giant ants. The outpost has been repaired and has reestablished communications. Now that the MCV has arrived, the Allied Commander is ordered to evacuate the civilians from the nearby villages to the island northwest. The Commander is also to destroy all the bridges leading out from the island where the ants are being spawned from.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the successful evacuation, the Allies took note that gassing the ants' nests would stop them from spawning there. The Allies have also pinpointed the source of the ants' activity to an abandoned Soviet base, surrounded by many of the same giant ant nests. With a team of civilian specialists, the Commander's forces are deployed to gas all the nests and exterminate any ants they encounter.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The player starts out with everything from the last mission, the only difference is that they get 2 medium tanks and an MCV. Keep building infantry and medium tanks otherwise the ants will overrun you. Try to protect the Ore trucks due to the scout ants will target them.

Destroy the bridges first then rescue the civilians. Once all the civilians are safe on the island the mission is a win.

References[edit | edit source]

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