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Research lab

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Research Lab

Asia-Pacific Alliance


Research Center


Propaganda towers

Generals2logo.png The following is based on content cut from Command & Conquer (2013) and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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The Research Lab is a high tier tech building of the Asia-Pacific Alliance that unlock tier 2 and 3 upgrades and researches upgrades. It also has integrated Propaganda towers, making it functionally similar to the Propaganda center of the previous war.

Research[edit | edit source]

Flux Cluster Bomb 750 Cost, 22s Build Time - Firefly upgrade, stun plus Minor Damage to all Units in Radius.
Efficient Deployment 750 Cost, 22s Build Time - Firefly upgrade, reduces Heat cost of Forward Deployment.
Firestorm Barrage 1000 Cost, 22s Build Time - Mantis upgrade, ignites target area. Requires: Command Center Tier 2
Propaganda Expertise 1000 Cost, 22s Build Time - Propaganda tower, Overlord, Research Lab upgrade, increases heal rate and fire rate boost of propaganda.
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