Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Yellow Zone


South America


Partial Tiberium contamination
Decaying city


Yellow Zone


GDI (2034)

Appears in

Kane's Wrath


Rio Insurrection

Rio de Janeiro ("January River") is a city located in southern Brazil, founded in 1565.

The city was the first where Nod re-emerged after the Second Tiberium War, when in 2034, a small detachment of Nod troops loyal to a reeling but still very much alive Kane sparked a massive rebellion of the populace against the GDI government and a local Nod warlord in the area. This explosive struggle would be later known as the Rio Insurrection and serve as the proving ground for LEGION. The Legendary Insurgent also fought in the uprising, although it isn't known what rank he held at the time.

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