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Rivals patch 1.2.4

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Rivals patch 1.2.4
Redwood Studios
Release date
13 December 2018
Preceding patch

The 13 December 2018 patch for Command & Conquer: Rivals was the game's twenty-fourth official patch,[1] which affected the game's balance and the build number, which was raised to 1.2.4 (210041).

The patch received an additional update on December 18, 2018 that included balance updates and bug fixes.[2]

December 18, 2018 Update[edit | edit source]

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

GDI[edit | edit source]


"This will allow Riflemen to win against Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers in a 2v1 situation."

  • Damage increased to 38 (was 30)

"This helps push Talon into a stronger anti-infantry unit, especially against units such as Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers."

  • Damage vs Infantry increased to 55 (was 50)

"This change allows Rhinos to take down infantry a bit faster."

  • Attack speed increased to 0.85 (was 1.0)

Nod[edit | edit source]


"Similar to Riflemen, this will allow Militants to win against Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers in a 2v1 situation."

  • Damaged increased to 38 (was 30)
Flame Tank

"This change will give players more time to respond to a Flame Tank attacking their base. The lower health will also make it easier to destroy."

  • Speed decreased to 5.5434 (was 6.929) Health decreased to 3050 (was 3500)

"Kane was oppressive when a player was ahead. This change will give players a window where they counter."

  • Obelisk death timer duration decreased to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds)

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issues known to cause game crashes Fixed an issue where the Talon did not fire at enemy units Fixed an issue where the Tier III bundle was not available after purchasing the Tier II bundle *Favorite Unit stats now track properly for Commanders Fixed Ion Cannon one-shotting Harvesters Fixed localized text on the Tick Tank description Fixed an issue where the Weekly Best reset time was longer than 7 days

Unit Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Flame Tank[edit | edit source]

The Flame Tank Was doing a bit too much; it could take down a base incredibly fast. So we have reduced its damage against structures, lowered its life but lowered its cost to match.

  • Damage vs Structures decreased to 425 (was 550)
  • Health decreased to 3500 (was 4000)
  • Cost decreased to 110 (was 130)

Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

  • Damage vs Structures increased to 425 (was 300)

Tiberium League Map Pool[edit | edit source]

Periodically, we update the map pool for the Tiberium League. This month, we made the changes based on feedback from Tiberium League players.

  • Maps Removed
    • Cauldron
    • Three Sentinels
  • Maps Added
    • Hidden Gems
    • Rush In

References[edit | edit source]

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