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Rivals patch 1.5.0

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Rivals patch 1.5.0
Redwood Studios
Release date
23 April 2019
Preceding patch
Balance update 2019-04-03
Succeeding patch
Balance update 2019-05-01

The 1.5 patch [1][2][3] for Command & Conquer: Rivals

Events[edit | edit source]

Added new events:

  • Rivals Champions, main competitive event
  • War Games, which limits the units that are available
  • Rivals Blitz, which focuses on resources (e.g. Credit Blitz, Unit Blitz, Crate Blitz)
  • Special Events

Added premium track[4].

Boosts[edit | edit source]

Boosts are a new type of consumable resource we are adding in this update. Boosts apply bonus effects to the end of every battle for a limited number of battles. We are launching two types of boosts (XP and Credits), each with 3 levels of magnitude (Basic, Standard, and Advanced)[5].

Vanity Items[edit | edit source]

You can customize units and missile explosion to personalize your experience or use Commander emotes to react in real-time to the action on the battlefield.[6]

Daily Bonus[edit | edit source]

Everyone has a different play style. Some play a few matches each day while others may play for long stretches at a time. We want to encourage all playstyles, while ensuring that those who only play a few matches can still earn Credits and XP to progress. We’re introducing a Daily Bonus, where players can earn the bulk of their XP and Credits in the first 10 daily matches.[7]

Alliance Donations[edit | edit source]

Donation Request cooldown is now 7 hours (previously 8 hours).

Maps[edit | edit source]

Added new maps:

  • Castaway: Added as an event map
  • Hot Zone: Added as a new Platinum League map. This map replaces Center Rally, which has been removed.
  • Sand Bar: Added as a new Gold League map. This map replaces Battle Quadrants, which has been removed.

Balance changes[edit | edit source]

GDI[edit | edit source]

Jackson[edit | edit source]

  • Reload Speed Bonus reduced to 30% from 60%

Reload units were able to benefit from both the attack speed and reload speed reduction. This will keep these units from becoming overwhelming when buffed

Grenadier[edit | edit source]

  • Initial Attack Delay reduced to 0 from 0.25
  • Health increased to 550 from 500
  • Projectile speed increased to 30 from 20

Grenadiers are almost where we want them. Just need a bit of tuning to apply the EMP more quickly and give them a bit more toughness.

Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

  • Damage reduced to 585 from 595

Training fix.

Orca Bomber[edit | edit source]

  • Health reduced to 1700 from 1950

Orca Bomber has been incredibly dominant at upper tiers. This change will allow players to get in and punish it more easily while it is reloading.

Nod[edit | edit source]

Avatar[edit | edit source]

  • Speed reduced to 4.5 (was 5.5)

Avatar has been the king of tech for a few patches now. It has many strengths and very few weaknesses. This speed nerf should bring it more in line with units of its cost and power.

Mutant Marauders[edit | edit source]

  • Initial Attack Delay reduced to 0 from 0.25
  • Attack speed increased to 3.0 from 4.0
  • Now immune to Tiberium field damage

Much like the Grenadier we think the Mutant Marauders are close to where we want but just need a little bit more. This should make them more dps oriented compared to its GDI counterpart.

Oxanna[edit | edit source]

  • Reload Speed Bonus reduced to 37.5% from 75%

Same issue as Jackson

Venom[edit | edit source]

  • Health increased to 1210 from 1200

Training fix

General[edit | edit source]

Fire Hex[edit | edit source]

  • Duration decreased to 10 from 15

This will reduce the overlap of multiple fire hexes and allow for more counterplay against the Inferno and Scarabs.

Performance & Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the Harvester did not harvest Tiberium
  • Fixed an issue where “Resets in” overlapped with “Weekly Best” in the Player Profile for some languages
  • Fixed an issue where Credits were not awarded when a maxed-out unit was at the card cap
  • Fixed an issue where the Medal count is incorrect upon re-entering a division
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Cards added to the Vault from a Rare Crate was incorrect on the ‘Vault Overview’
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to receive crates from the season reset until they collected event rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the game loaded a black screen, after sitting in the background on a tutorial screen
  • Fixed an issue where players were charged the old value for cards in the Store
  • Added the Samsung A5 2017 Model as compatible and able to download Rivals from Google Play

References[edit | edit source]

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