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Rocket fist

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Rocket Fist
Enduring mobile anti-vehicle infantry.
Enduring mobile anti-vehicle infantry.



Anti-vehicle infantry

Attack range

1.5 m

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Makeshift, armored suits that are tough to destroy. Rocket Fist Infantry are one of the main reasons why vehicles should steer clear out of their deadly rockets.

The Rocket Fist is a Forgotten anti-vehicle infantry unit in Tiberium Alliances. They are equivalents of the Zone Troopers and the Black Hand and are fatal against vehicles, although they can be overwhelmed by a couple of GDI Guardians and Nod Reckoners. They have limited anti-air but Venoms and Orcas can dispatch one easily.

The Rocket Fist closely resembles the Ironback seen during the Ascension Conflict.

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