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Rocket squad

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Gen2 Gameicon.png
Rocket squad
CNC F2P EU Rocket Squad.png

European Union


Anti-armour/anti-air infantry


European AT/AA Self Guided Rocket Launcher

Hit points


Produced by


Squad size


  • Micro Guidance Systems Upgrade
  • Laser Lock Upgrade
  • Senior Warfighter
  • Improved Ballistics

Laser Lock

Anmt Com.gif
Incoming transmission...
Rocket squad contains upcoming content from Generals 2.
The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.
EU RocketSoldierSquad Portrait.png

The Rocket Squad is ther anti-armour and anti-air infantry used by the European Union in Generals 2. Like the American Missile Defender, they have the ability to Laser Lock to increase fire rate. They can be upgraded with Micro Guidance Systems, increasing the units range against enemy air units. 

Abilities[edit | edit source]

EU Laser Lock icon.png
Laser Lock Points a target with a laser, a short delay is followed by increased fire rate

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Senior Warfighter icon.png
Senior Warfighter Increases armor of all infantry
Imporved Ballistics icon.png
Improved Ballistics Increases damage of all infantry
Micro-guidance systems icon.png
Micro-guidance systems Increases damage against air units
EU Laser Lock icon.png
Laser Lock Paints a target with a laser, a short delay is followed by increased fire rate

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gen2 EU logo summit.png European Union Second GLA War Arsenal Gen2 EU logo summit.png