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Rotary rifle

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Rotary rifle
Nod Assault Rifle.jpg

Assault rifle


Detachable box magazines

Used by


In service

Third Tiberium War

This Nod-manufactured rotary rifle is of unconventional design, with the structure of a normal assault rifle but fitted with multiple barrels, similar to a minigun. Thus, the weapon can achieve high rates of fire and more importantly, can fire for much longer periods of time without the risk of overheating. It uses standardized detachable box magazines.

It is the preferred weapon of Confessors and their Black Hand Cabals as well as Nod's intelligence agent Ajay, though militants are generally issued far more antiquated weaponry.


  • The weapon looks like a heavily modified AK rifle that somehow has a Gatling style rotary barrel. Most likely an AKM, judging by the scope mount on the left side.

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