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Rushing (Red Alert 2)

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Rushing means a surprise attack on a base with a small army before the enemy can set up their defences. These are a few rush tactics you can use in Red Alert 2:

Rocky Rush: Allies against Allies[edit | edit source]

Depending on the resources on the map you can try with 3 barracks or on a rich resource map even 6 barracks, which means rocketeers will build super fast: these is the order you need to build:

Double Drone Rush: Soviets against Soviet[edit | edit source]

they wont have the ability to shoot the Terror Drone

All Air Rush: Allies against Soviets[edit | edit source]

Engineer Sell MCV Rush: Soviet against any side[edit | edit source]

All-In Rush (Soviets vs Any)[edit | edit source]

  • Tesla Reactor
  • Barracks
  • If no starting units, one or two Attack Dogs, which are sent to scout for the enemy base
  • Second Barracks
  • Place walls around Tesla Reactor (if you're more willing to accept a draw)
  • Sell Construction Yard
  • One Tesla Trooper
  • Conscripts until money runs out - sell one Barracks to get the maximum possible number
  • Do NOT sell the Tesla Reactor!
  • Attack the enemy base, making sure you keep the Tesla Trooper out of harm's way

This rush is EXTREMELY effective if players begin with a small pool of starting resources, as most players will prioritise getting an Ore Refinery before building base defences or an army. If successful, this rush will catch enemy players off-guard, as they will not be expecting a 40+ Conscript attack this early. By keeping the Tesla Trooper alive, you prevent the enemy from simply walling their buildings in to survive. It is much less effective on high-resource pool starts, as the opponent will have more than enough money to continue building defensive structures.

This strategy is VERY high risk/reward. If pulled off successfully, a match can quite easily be won in under three minutes. However, if the attack fails (for example, if the opponent masses Attack Dogs or basic defences such as Pillboxes or Sentry Guns) then there is literally no way of rebuilding your forces, all but guaranteeing defeat. This can be averted if players build a wall around their Tesla Reactor, as a sufficiently crippled opponent won't be able to build anything that can attack it: however, this is at the cost of four Conscripts, which can make the difference between a successful attack and a failure if the enemy build appropriate unit counters.