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Salvage ship

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Salvage Ship



Data Recon Vessel



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The Salvage Ship was an unarmed Allied vessel used during the Third World War . It was designed to extract data from shipwrecks.

History[edit | edit source]

The only known usage of the Salvage Ship was during the Allied-Soviet joint strike team's attack on the Imperial Floating fortress. During the first phase of the mission, Allied command dispatched a Salvage Ship to recover intelligence from a sunken Imperial Shogun Battleship. As the Salvage Ship was unarmed, the Allied-Soviet strike force had to protect it while it extracted the data.

A number of Imperial Naginata cruisers and Chopper-VXs attempted to sink the vessel but were destroyed by Allied-Soviet strike force's Dolphins, Hydrofoils, Stingrays and Bullfrog transports.

The data the Salvage Ship recovered from the Shogun battleship revealed that the Floating Fortress had a glaring weakness: its long-range Wave-force triguns relied on two Radar boats for long-range scanning and target-tracking. The destruction of those ships would prevent the Wave-Force cannons from firing, allowing the deployment of MCVs and the main strike force.

Shortly afterwards, two commando strike teams, one led by Natasha and one led by Tanya, destroyed the Radar Boats, paving the way for the destruction of the Floating Fortress.

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