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Scrin support powers in Global Conquest

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The following is a list of all of the Scrin support powers in Global Conquest. For the Scrin's case, 2 of their regular support powers and 1 building are reused from the original game mode to serve as global support powers.

Support Powers[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Cost Cooldown Description
Alien Dropship CNCKW Alien Dropship Cameo.png 1000 credits 4 turns This support power deploys a Strike force, provided the Scrin have a Tier 2 base. Unlike other strike force support powers that can only be deployed near a base's Area of Influence, the dropship can be deployed at any location, even close to a GDI or Nod strike force to divert the enemy forces to attack them. Another use is to deploy it near undefended cities so as to gain territory and economy easily by constructing a base there. The "Dropship Swarm" consists of a Drone Ship, 4 of every Tier 1 Scrin infantry and 2 Gun Walkers.
Growth Accelerator CNCTW Growth Accelerator Cameo.png 1000 credits 4 turns Similar to its battlefield counterpart, this support power increases the regeneration rate of Tiberium in an area, which is important to keep the Scrin from losing economy from their bases. Note that it is only available when a Tier 3 base is present, and can only be placed near one as well.
Phase Field CNCKW Phase Field Cameo.png 1000 credits 4 turns Accessible via construction of at least one Threshold Tower, this support power works similarly with its battlefield counterpart, but it is able to affect entire Strike Forces and/or Bases, which can be used to delay an attack or protect a base from support powers, respectively.
Wormhole Generator CNCKW Wormhole Cameo.png Free 5 turns This free support power is available if a Threshold Tower is present in the global map. Like its counterpart, it allows fast transportation anywhere in the globe, giving the Scrin a huge advantage, compared to the other factions, where transportation is only available in fixed locations (ports of cities or their own bases). 
Create Ion Superstorm CNCKW Ion Superstorm Cameo.png 3000 credits 3 turns A bigger, badder version of a regular ion storm, it requires a Terraforming Nexus to be constructed. Because it has a smaller radius than the other damaging support power, the Orbital Bombardment, and the trivia about it below, it is better to use it against bases than Strike Forces.
Orbital Bombardment CNCKW Orbital Bombardment Cameo.png 3000 credits 3 turns Far larger than even the Overlord's Wrath support power in terms of area of effect, it is available if a Terraforming Nexus is built. Compared to the Ion SuperStorm, it has a larger radius, meaning it can damage several Bases and Strike Forces more effectively.
Ichor Injection CNCKW Ichor Injection Cameo.png 2000 credits 3 turns Basically a larger Ichor Seed support power, it increases the Tiberium level in a target area. Using it in synergy with a Growth Accelerator can help Tiberium spread even faster, or use it simply when there is little Tiberium to where a Growth Accelerator is located. A Terraforming Nexus must be present in order for this power to be available.
Spread Alien Plague CNCKW Spread Alien Plague Cameo.png 3000 credits 2 turns With a Life Form Plant present, the Scrin is able to eliminate some of Earth's population in a wide area by spreading their Alien Plague(contents unknown). Unlike its single target cousin, it reduces population in a target area, though with a weaker effect.
Eradicate Population CNCKW Eradicate Population Cameo.png 3000 credits 3 turns Through unknown means, the Scrin can reduce one city's population using this support power, but only if a Life Form Plant is built somewhere. Though it can't affect multiple cities, it has a stronger effect than its area of effect counterpart.
Rift CNCTW Rift Cameo.png 5000 credits 4 turns A superweapon feared by GDI and Nod, activating the Rift Generator will cause heavy damage to Strike Forces and bases in its targeted area. Best used before a Strike Force assaults a heavily defended base to make it easier to destroy. Keep in mind that like all Global Conquest superweapons, using this on a Tier 1 base will destroy it instantly, despite C&C game logic (superweapons can't destroy a construction yard on its own).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though the Alien Dropship's icon shows a shock trooper, the actual strike force does not have them.
  • The ion Superstorm support power is notable for only activating after all its fellow support powers are activated and every strike force has mobilized. This makes it unwise to use against advancing strike forces without possibly missing, not to mention its small radius.
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