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Secret Service

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Secret Service
Secret Service Agent
Secret Service Agent

United States of America (Red Alert)


Protection for the President of the United States of America (Red Alert)


Small firearm






Campaign only


Campaign only

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The Secret Service is a law enforcement agency in the United States of America. Secret Service Special Agents are bodyguards in charge of the physical protection of certain individuals, most importantly, the President of the United States. They generally wield small firearms and may also carry a briefcase. The Allied forces must have them to protect the President, such as Michael Dugan and Howard T. Ackerman, from any Soviet or Imperial presences and foil attempts toward getting the Allied leader into enemy hands.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2[edit | edit source]

During 1972 and the Psychic Dominator Disaster, secret service soldiers are seen with the President in only two missions, both Hail to the Chief and The Fox and the Hound. In the briefing cut scene to Chrono Storm, the Allied Commander were near them during Carville's funeral before Dugan said to him in capturing Alexander Romanov and bring him to justice. By 1973, they were seen in urban areas protecting the leader of the United States' government when there's going to be some more trouble from the Soviets.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

Soviets[edit | edit source]