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CNCRiv aircraft.png Shade

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CNCR Nod logo.png Nod


Anti-vehicle aircraft



Tech level

43 Epic

Hit points



CNCRiv Tiberium.png 60

Produced by

Air tower

Ground attack

32×8 (32 DPS) vs infantry
192×8 (192 DPS) vs vehicles
104x8 (104 DPS) vs harvesters
125×8 (125 DPS) vs structures


0.2 seconds (initial)
8 seconds

Air speed


Attack range


Sight range



Burst damage


Restores stealth after 7.5 seconds

You're so shady
- When ordered to attack

The Shade is an epic Nod aircraft in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Shade is the next step in Aircraft design for the Brotherhood of Nod. It utilizes the stealth technology of the Stealth Tank and the EMP capabilities of the Phantom to the extreme. Borne from the Black Hand faction of the Brotherhood, the existence of the Shade was a secret known only to a few.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Can target infantry Strong against vehicles Cannot target aircraft
  • Unleashes an EMP that affects adjacent, enemy Vehicles and Aircraft upon breaking Stealth for 1.5 seconds.
  • Flying.

Game unit[edit | edit source]

The Shade is an anti-vehicle aircraft. With a single volley it can destroy Slingshot. Pitbull and Attack bikes just barely survives. The EMP combined with stealth means the Shade can unleash the volley before the opposing vehicle can respond.

The most suitable targets are light, long range artillery type units, like M.L.R.S. The stealth ability allows Shade to get into a firing range without taking damage from anti-air vehicles and wipe out the artillery unit.

Since the stealth is broken once the unit move over a pad, they are vulnerable on maps where it's hard to avoid stepping onto the pads, like Hold the line.

The main weakness of the shade is the Missile squad, which can both do great damage to it and break the stealth cloak, allowing other anti-air units to attack it. Shade is also vulnerable to air units, but the cloaking ability allows it to ignore the air threats most of the time.

The EMP completely blocks unit ability to attack, reload or turn their turrets for 1.5 seconds, but the movement and turn speeds are not affected.

When attacking, Shade can have up to three projectiles in flight. If the first of those projectiles kills the target, the remaining two will just hit the ground.

Laser drones provide higher damage per second and are much cheaper, but are a lot more vulnerable than Shades.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Added to the game on December 10, 2019.
  • 2020-02-25:
    • Health to 1233 (was 1333)
    • Cost to 60 (was 40)
    • Reload Speed to 8.00 (was 6.00)
    • Stealth mode to 7.5s (was 5.5s)
    • Structure Damage -35%

Decks[edit | edit source]

Jade Liang Shady Jade
Militant Laser Squad Chemical Warriors Attack Bikes Shade Phantom
Militant Laser Squad Attack Bikes Venom Shade Phantom
Oxanna Kristos Agent Shadow
Laser Squad Fanatic Cyberwheel Attack Bikes Stealth Tank Shade
Seth nickcool
Fanatic Cyberwheel Attack Bikes Stealth Tank Shade Phantom

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When created[edit | edit source]

  • The Shade fights for Nod
  • Shade, here comes the thunder
  • Let's cast some shadows

When selected[edit | edit source]

  • Awaiting orders
  • Lurking in the shade
  • Shade blending in
  • How'd you see me?
  • Ready to strike

When moving[edit | edit source]

  • Moving the shade
  • Just a cloud in the wind
  • Rolling thunder
  • Stealth fighter moving
  • Engaging thrusters

When moving to attack favorably[edit | edit source]

  • Time for some shock therapy
  • You're so shady
  • Sounds electrifying
  • Resistance is futile

When moving to attack neutral[edit | edit source]

  • I love sneaking around
  • This will be enlightening
  • Let's ambush them
  • I'll bring the shade
  • From the shadows

When moving to attack unfavorably[edit | edit source]

  • My life for the cause
  • I don't know about this
  • Surprise may not be enough
  • A worthy opponent

When unable to attack target[edit | edit source]

  • Unable to comply!
  • Target unavailable
  • Sorry, try again
  • Can't strike that

When attacking[edit | edit source]

  • Strike them down!
  • Hurts, doesn't it?
  • Casting shadows
  • Muahahahahahaha!

When under attack[edit | edit source]

  • Taking fire!
  • There is nowhere to hide
  • Get us out of here!
  • I've been spotted

When crashing[edit | edit source]

  • No!
  • Mayday!
  • Help!

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

With combined capabilities of Stealth and EMP, Shade will negate many of the enemy’s strategic moves and aid in conquering the field with its unique playstyle
- YP[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Initially the Shade was designed to cost 60 Tiberium, but at the launch had price of 40.[3]
  • At the time of release considered to be overpowered.
  • When attacking squad units, if one squad member dies in the middle of the volley, two projectiles will seem to hit the already destroyed squad member, but the damage will be done to the next squad member.
  • When moving, sometimes performs barrel roll. Male.

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Nod Shade - Intel Report C&C Rivals

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