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Shin Iga Province

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Mie Prefecture, Japan





Appears in

Red Alert 3: Uprising


End of Tradition

These lands have been under my ancestors' protection for a thousand years! And now you challenge that legacy.
- Shinzo Nagama

Shin Iga Province is a province of the Empire of the Rising Sun. It is the ancestral homeland of Shinzo Nagama.

History[edit | edit source]

Iga was separated from Ise Province during the Asuka period, around 680 AD. By the early Muromachi period, Iga became effectively independent from its nominal feudal rulers and established a form of republic. During this period, Iga came to be known as a center for ninjutsu, claiming (along with Kōka) to being one of the birthplaces of the ninja clans. Reflecting that legacy, Kuroshio Academy, the training headquarters of Imperial Shinobi, is located in this province.

After the death of Emperor Yoshiro during the Third World War, Shinzo Nagama retreated to his ancestral home here, supposedly searching for spiritual guidance. In reality, however, he was amassing followers and preparing to overthrow Crown Prince Tatsu, who surrendered to the Allies. In response to this, the Allies' best field officer was recalled from vacation to quell Shinzo's insurrection.

The Allied Commander escorted an MCV into the area, and quickly established a base. With the aid of FutureTech's latest Harbinger gunships, as well as defectors from Shinzo's Nagama Dojos (who knew that the rebellion was hopeless, and aided the Commander in exchange for reduced sentences), the Commander successfully defeated Shinzo's forces and froze his ancestral residence with cryo weapons.

Seeing that he has lost, Shinzo attempted to flee the battlefield in a Sudden Transport. Several Tsunami tanks also emerged from the mansion, with the disguised Sudden Transport hiding among them. This proved futile however, as the Commander managed to freeze his transport before he could escape. Ultimately, Shinzo was captured and transferred to Detention Camp Dakota, and his remaining forces surrendered to Tatsu.

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