Shirada Shipworks

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Shirada Shipworks
Shirada Docks at Tokyo Harbor
Shirada Docks at Tokyo Harbor



Empire of the Rising Sun

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Shirada Shipworks is a Japanese company, responsible for manufacturing much of the Empire of the Rising Sun's naval vessels.

Background[edit | edit source]

An Imperial zaibatsu, it is one of the Empire's top military manufacturers, responsible for designing many of the Imperial Navy's vessels. Its heiress is Naomi Shirada, the admiral of fleets of the Imperial Navy.

In addition to naval vessels, Shirada Shipworks also attempted to compete with the Wave-Force Artillery with a more traditional artillery piece based on the Shirada Cannons of its Shogun battleship. However, a string of accidents with the artillery prototype, supposedly due to calibration errors, crippled Shirada's effort and soon afterwards the Wave-Force Artillery went into full production. Though subsequent investigations implied that Kanegawa Industries, the producer of the Wave-Force Artillery, may be responsible for these errors.

As the Empire neared defeat and its homeland was threatened, Shirada Shipworks merged with Tenzai Robotics to form Ten-Shi Zaibatsu.

Products[edit | edit source]

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