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Sniper's Hollow

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Sniper's Hollow
Sniper's Hollow.png
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Commander's Challenge
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising



Sniper's Hollow is a three-player Skirmish map that is located in north-eastern Brazil on the coast of this country. Most fighting severely came from Soviet and Imperial affiliations fighting near an important Allied Command Center held down south in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Commander's Challenge[edit | edit source]

The Futuretech Commander was reporting his mission result for the Athena Cannon, when an emergency call came for him. He rushed to the office of Kelly Weaver and she told him that a fight was going on the north-eastern coast of Brazil. When he arrived on the site, two female Commanders were arguing and exchanging multiple statistics from each other. He knew Vera Belova from one of his previous missions was behind it and a new shogunate named Takara Sato was also there, but the Futuretech Commander knew that he defeated two of her friends in separate locations.

The Commander was ready and tries to hold off Imperial walkers and Soviet resistance. He had the chance to defeat the two women and their bases until victory was clearly made. The Commander unlocked a Soviet Commando named Natasha Volkova who can shoot dead walker pilots and left their husks for dead as of also, calling an airstrike using Badger Bombers. Kelly Weaver would believe that she was like her old colleague, Boris who used MIGs instead for airstrikes from the last time. Another emergency came up, this time Vera Belova using her Akula Subs to defeat the Commander along with Commanders Kenji Tenzai and Douglas Hill. The Futuretech Commander must have the Akula despite his never surrender campaigns against Belova.