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Sniper (Black Hand)

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Black Hand Sniper
CNCR Black Hand Sniper Render.png

Nod Black Hand


Special forces minigunner


Pierce sniper rifle
Laser rifle
Ramjet rifle
Vulture shotgun
Raptor automatic rifle

Pierce sniper rifle


Light assault armor

Hit points

150 (200)


0 (100}

Armour type


Sight range



Items in bold refer to the multiplayer mode
Each killed Black Hand sniper nets 25 points in multiplayer, while each point of damage dealt nets 0.08 point

CNCR Black Hand Sniper Cameo.png

Black Hand snipers (referred to simply as Black Hand in-game) are the premier infantry of Nod in Renegade.

Background[edit | edit source]

Each sniper wears a form-fitting black jumpsuit and lightweight body armour, which protects the chest area from regular caliber bullets and shrapnel. They are also equipped with full helmets with red visors, containing night vision modules as well as integrated rebreathers.

They are excellent marksmen with their high powered Vervac R-59 sniper rifles. Typically, they support frontline troops from a distance, occupying a vantage point and providing covering fire.

Snipers can also carry other weapons, such as the laser rifle, Vulture shotgun or the simple, but reliable Raptor automatic rifle.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Weak in terms of hit points, the Black Hand are nonetheless dangerous opponents, as they can easily take down any enemy with their rifles, while their dark textures makes them difficult to distinguish from shadows. If discovered, they should be killed rather quickly as their accuracy is second to none the best.

In multiplayer, they played the role as the basic long-range anti-infantry unit. Being deadly against all types of soldiers, he could also significantly damage lighter vehicles but posed almost no threat to heavy armor.

Cut content[edit | edit source]

Although the entity and preset exist for a Ramjet rifle equipped sniper in the editor, he may or may not appear in the game. Mostly he appers on top of the Comm Center in the next to last mission. (Note, without some kind of mod, you cannot really get to his location and get the weapon.)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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