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Sonic grenade

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Zone Raiders firing Sonic Grenades at a Nod Construction Yard
Target acquired!
- Zone Raider firing sonic grenades

Sonic grenades are a variant of Harmonic resonance weaponry developed by the GDI. It is a hand held weapon that generates a harmonic resonance wave, damaging anything within its blast, as well as useful in removing Tiberium. In addition, the grenade does not harm friendly units. While effective on lightly armored units, the grenade does less damage against heavier units. Also, since the grenades do not track units, agile units can simply evade them.

The Zone Operations Command makes extensive use of sonic grenades in their Tiberium abatement operations. Their modified Orcas are fitted with sonic grenade launchers instead of rocket pods. Zone raiders also use sonic grenade launchers as their primary weapon.

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