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Soviet ore refinery (Red Alert 2)

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Ore refinery
Soviet ore refinery.jpg

RA2Sovietlogo.png World Socialist Alliance


Resource processor



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type



$2000 ($1650 with Industrial Plant)

Produced by

Soviet Construction Yard


Tesla Reactor

Sight range





Construction Yard


Comes with a free War miner

The Soviet ore refinery is a resource processing building in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Soviet ore refinery was deployed with a War Miner. After harvesting ore, the War Miner would return to the ore refinery and dump it onto a conveyor that carried it into the building.

The Soviet ore refinery is more primitive than the Allied equivalent. The Allied version made use of Chrono miners, which can teleport back to the refinery after filling their ore tanks, cutting the collection/acquiring process in half. This was made possible by a sort of chrono-beacon that was built into the Allied refineries, allowing the Chrono miners to teleport accurately. The Soviets, lacking any form of chrono-tech, do not have this feature built into their refineries. However, on the off chance that a Soviet commander happened to gain control of a Chrono miner, that miner would still be able to teleport to a Soviet refinery, with simple modifications to said refinery providing an ad-hoc chrono-beacon.

The mining and mineral processing technology and storage has progressed to the point where the refinery no longer has to divert its mineral excess to a mineral silo (or dispose of it otherwise) if the storage capacity reaches maximum, unlike the ore refineries from Second World War. This works on both the Allied and Soviet refineries. Taking over another refinery will not redirect its mineral load to other one's storage, as only the Allied spy is skilled enough to do such an arrangement. Mineral processing on both refineries can be augmented by the Allied derived ore purifier to increase the value of obtained resources.

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