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Spyglass target designator

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RA3 Target Painter Icons.png
Guardian Tanks Spyglass targeting designator in action

The Spyglass target designator, more commonly known as the target painter, is an advanced laser designator used by the Allied MBT-X8 Guardian tank.

Background[edit | edit source]

Replacing the machine gun mount found on older models of the Guardian, the Spyglass target designator is a target-designating module designed to complement other Allied weapons platforms. It automatically interfaces with the weapons systems of nearby Allied forces and relays targeting information, making them more accurate and deadly by compensating for wind direction, visibility, and more than 100 marginal factors--all of which add up.

A Guardian tank is unable to maintain the beam through the recoil of its main gun's firing sequence, so Guardian crews must coordinate well to decide which unit within the column is going to "cast the lure" (as Guardian technicians put it) while the others press the attack.[1]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

The Target Painter ability allows a Guardian tank to "paint" an enemy unit or structure with its laser designator, making its target more vulnerable. However, the Guardian cannot fire its main gun while the painter is active. Therefore, this ability must be used in conjunction with other units. The effect of the target painter does not stack.

The High Technology upgrade improves the effectiveness of the Target Painter.

References[edit | edit source]