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Steel Talons Commander

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Steel Talons Commander
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Daniel Kucan

We cannot withstand this Steel Talons onslaught for long. Arrogant their commander may be, but even with his aging weapons, he has us outgunned.
- Kane

The Steel Talons Commander was a GDI commander of the Steel Talons experimental combat division, stationed in Australia during the Second Nod Reunification War.

History[edit | edit source]

The Steel Talons Commander was apparently the leader of the Steel Talons forces stationed in Australia. When LEGION's forces landed in Australia and attempted to capture a GDI research facility containing data on Nod stealth technology, he taunted LEGION via video transmission. However, his forces were unable to stop LEGION from downloading the stealth technology data and retreating.[1]

During LEGION's assault on Marcion's stronghold, his forces, once alerted to LEGION's presence by the Pulse scanners, would intervene in the battle by attacking both sides.[2]

After LEGION's forces destroyed GDI's liquid Tiberium facility in the Australian Outback, he was seen communication with his superior (presumably Joshua Mitchell) that the destruction of the facility was an accident, and that there was no sign of Nod in the area, presumably in an attempt to cover up his failures. The transmission was cut off by an explosion near him, which likely killed him.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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