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Stinger site

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Gen1 Stinger Site Icons.png
Stinger Site
Generals Stinger Site.jpg



Anti-vehicle/anti-air base defense


FIM-92A Stinger missiles


Camouflage Net

Hit points


Armour type

Stinger Site Armor



Build time


Produced by



GLA barracks



Sight range


Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png
AP Rockets
ZH Camo Netting Icons.jpg
Camo Netting

Detects stealth

The Stinger Site was a simple defense that served as the basic anti-air and anti-tank defense of the GLA.

Background[edit | edit source]

Consisting of a circle of sandbags with a camouflage net overhead, inside were three soldiers equipped with FIM-92A Stinger missile launchers. Should the Stinger infantry inside be killed, they would gradually be replaced by reinforcements from the GLA tunnel networks. However, if the structure itself was destroyed with the soldiers still intact, the men would simply fall under the collapsing structure.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png Armor-piercing Rockets Increased rocket damage. Dr. Thrax's faction has the missiles tipped with toxins, drastically increasing rocket damage to intercept missiles launched from Tomahawk and Scud Launchers and often taking out aircraft in one strike. Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000.
ZH Camo Netting Icons.jpg Camo Netting Gave the Stinger Site camouflage protection Purchasable at the building for a cost of $500. Kassad's faction already has this upgrade when built

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Stinger Sites were built around GLA bases as well as near significant positions on the battlefield to defend from tanks and aircraft. They lacked anti-infantry defense, meaning that soldiers that got too close could shoot down the troopers with impunity. To compensate for this, they were usually best used in conjunction with Tunnel Networks. Due to their size, being almost as large as the other factions' power plants, they could not be spammed like the other base defenses could be, however, they were still useful for blocking off pathways, and the tunnel networks generally ensured that making a wall would not be an inconvenience.

Counters[edit | edit source]

The open design of the Stinger Site leaves the Stinger infantry inside exposed to certain weapons that could kill them even while the Stinger Site was still standing, for example snipers or flame weapons. As mentioned previously they would be replaced eventually, but until they were the site would be utterly defenseless.

Long-range siege weapons could also easily destroy a Stinger Site outright (although Stinger Sites could still have a chance of survival if faced against Tomahawk Launchers and rogue Scud Launchers), and with impunity. Also against massed main battle tanks and MiG's with Black Napalm they stood absolutely no chance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The fake version cameo.
  • The GLA were originally meant to be able to construct fake Stinger Sites in Zero Hour.
    • For obvious reasons, it was removed as fake structures cannot attack, train or research anything (apart from being upgraded to its real counterpart). As a result, it would have made it too obvious that the structure was fake, neccessitating its removal. The cameo still remains within Generals' art archives, however, as seen below.
  • The crew cannot exit the Stinger site (selling the structure will remove the soldiers from the field). However, the second USA mission in the vanilla Generals depicts the soldiers outside the Stinger site, shooting down Comanches in the city. They were not seen while during the mission itself. They were also seen in the opening cutscene of the first USA mission, shooting down a Raptor, and in the last USA mission, defending the GLA stronghold on tops of walls, but only during the first cutscene.
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