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Suicide attacks (Red Alert)

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Yari Minisubs are a fine example of Imperial kamikaze tactics.
"We're taking you with us!"
"Tora! Tora! Tora!"

- Yari Minisub executing a Suicidal attack

Suicide attacks, also known as called "Kamikaze" (Japanese: 神風, "Divine Wind") are attacks in which a person or vehicle sacrificed themselves to destroy or damage a target. In most cases the attacker detonates a bomb while within a close proximity of the target. Due to the nature of this (some would say) unorthodox tactic suicide attacks are usually reserved as a last resort.

During World War II both the Allies and Soviets produced Demolition Trucks which were expended when their nuclear ordnance detonated. The Soviet MAD Tank destroyed itself to produce seismic shockwaves that damaged other structures and vehicles, but did not affect organic objects.

During the Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster, Libya revived the idea of the demolition truck, but, rather than build expensive computers to drive it, they employed frighteningly loyal individuals to manually drive the truck to its target and detonate it on themselves. Cuba also trained communist fanatics, called Terrorist, to wire themselves up with conventional explosives. Crazy Ivans also have been known to plant explosives on their own allies so they could perform suicide attacks.

In the Third World War, General Carville, after a briefing to a revered Allied Commander telling him that they would be going to Germany to defend Einstein's laboratory, was blown up by a Crazy Ivan. Although time travel during the Psychic Dominator Disaster changed the timeline and prevented this incident, it is a shocking example of how effective suicide tactics can be.

During the "Real" War of the Three Powers, suicide attacks are often used by extremely zealous warriors of the Empire of the Rising Sun, who would be more than willing to lay down their lives if it furthers the divine destiny of the Empire. Yari Minisub pilots particularly are known to readily sacrifice themselves and the submarines, ramming it into an enemy ship for the honor of completing the mission for the Emperor. Sunburst-class Drone aircraft of the Final Squadron and the Burst Drone's Self Destruction device are further examples of Imperial Kamikaze tactics.

Imperial troops consider defeat a great shame - if one is to die it is preferable to take one of the enemies with them. Thus the pilots of Imperial Sudden Transports do not hesitate to rig their vehicles to explode if it is destroyed. It is not uncommon for Imperial forces to activate the Honorable Discharge protocol, which equipped most units with bombs that are set to detonate if they are crushed or destroyed.

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