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Sydney City Wall

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TW gameicon.png
Defence of the City Wall



Downtown Sydney

Part of

Third Tiberium War




Sydney, Australia


Nod captures GDI nuclear launch codes






Capture the GDI lab
Destroy the alien Signal Transmitter, Warp Sphere and Gravity Stabilizer
Destroy GDI's ion cannon control
Capture 2 Tiberium spikes

Protect the City Wall from destruction

Divert enemy attention from the construction of Thresholds


Nod Commander (TWIII)
Kilian Qatar

GDI A-NZ Command



Single Tier III base

Local GDI garrison

Scrin raiders

The Sydney City Wall is the second mission of Act IV of Nod's campaign in Tiberium Wars.

Background[edit | edit source]

When GDI and Nod fell under attack from the Scrin, in order to both buy the Brotherhood time and acquire a fully functional arsenal of nuclear ICBMs, General Qatar agreed to an Alliance of Convenience, allying herself temporarily with the A-NZ GDI commander. Under the terms of the ceasefire Brotherhood forces would be deployed to aid the defence of Sydney city wall and then lead a counter-offensive taking out key alien structures.

General Qatar decided to use this mission to Nod's advantage - orders are to destroy the aliens and steal GDI launch codes and delivery system storage maps from a lab in Sydney.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Arriving at the schene, Nod contingent found that GDI and Scrin has already changing fires with GDI on the hot side of the battle. GDI base located in the proximity of Sidney city wall while Scrin have dug in on the city's suburn (with the exception of Nod site). Recognizing that the big boys have come to play Nod quickly deploy the fireworks to garrison nearby building. GDI, in a pack with Nod, will not attack Nod, initially. Scrin on other hand will always hostile to human, both GDI and Nod. Nod commander may take up the chance to take over fallen big boys with engineers. When Shadow Team become available, they migh be able to peform some recon inside the city. This will become handy as Nod may have to locate certain bulding where Nuclear code for stolen GDI nuclear warhead migh be stored. Build an Air tower to assist engineers in capturing these structure.

When GDI is about to be overwhelmed (only production structure remain), it would be wise to intervene, while preserve some example of GDI tech for Nod. Scrin, after these event will certainly redirect their effort to Nod. While skirmish is being done it would be reassuring to send in some "peeking Tom" to Scrin base. GDI robotics example then can be slaved to bombard the base from save distance. It is not a stupid idea to use GDI example of air superiority to challenge Scrin's own air armada. In the end, the commander may have to choose for easier wanton destruction or hand intensive preservation.

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