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Delivering TNT.
- Tank hunter using the TNT

CNCG TNT Attack Cameo.pngTNT is the tank hunters secondary weapon. They put this explosive onto enemy structures or vehicles. They must be careful, due to being defenseless until planting their charge(s). These charges differ from Colonel Burton's and Juhziz's Jarmen Kell's timed charges is that the Tank Hunter's charges are weaker, and explode within 10 seconds of planting (Burton and Kell's charges take 20), and Hunters aren't stealthed, meaning that, if there is at least one anti-infantry unit near the Hunter's target, he will be excellent target practice for them. An advantage, however is that you can send multiple men to plant charges, and the planting of the charges are instantaneous; as soon as the Hunter is close enough, there is no delay, so he can run as fast as he can to get out of range of the explosion. It's a good idea to put TNT on tanks trying to ram a tank hunter.