Tanya's Training Grounds

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Tanya's Training Grounds
Tanya's Training Grounds.jpg
Geographic data
Environment Temperate
Skirmish information
Players 2-4
Game information
Game Yuri's Revenge

Tanya's Training Grounds is a two-to-four player map in Yuri's Revenge.


The map has a hill in the middle of it and on that hill is some ore, gems, four oil derricks and an Air Force Command structure with walls protecting it. Eight oil derricks (two each) stand behind the four players and another eight of them (two each) stand between the players in the west and eastern sides. There are four tents near the players' positions and flags consisting of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United States, Germany and Cuba sit near the players' main positions during the skirmish. This is dedicated to Tanya who served for the Allies during both the two Third World Wars and has her training grounds here in the United States of America.

Map Information

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