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Tech airport (Red Alert 2)

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Tech Airport
Yuri's Revenge design of a tech airport
Yuri's Revenge design of a tech airport



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Airports are civilian structures designed for the commercial traffic of passenger aircraft. During wartime, however, these buildings could be captured and the planes commandeered by an engineer for their use. They are usually used to coordinate a paradrop consisting of the respective faction's main infantry. The transport plane used to carry paratroopers may be modeled after real life US C-130 transport aircraft. The paradrop consists of six G.I.s for the Allies, nine conscripts for the Soviets, or six initiates for Yuri.

In the mission Romanov on the Run in Yuri's Revenge, a tech airport was an evacuation zone for the stranded Soviet premier Alexander Romanov.

It looks slightly different in Yuri's Revenge, where its footprint is square-shaped rather than being angular like the Red Alert 2 variant.

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