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Tech building

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For other uses, see Tech.

Tech buildings are structures that originally belong to no particular faction and cannot be constructed by a standard faction, but can be captured for various bonuses. However, simply being garrisonable is not enough to be considered a tech building. They represent militarily useful civilian structures.

In the Tiberium and Red Alert series, it is necessary to use up an engineer to capture a building. In Generals, one needs infantry with the Capture Building ability.

Possible bonuses include: extra revenue, automatic repair of units, build radius expansion, defense, access to different technologies and others.

Tiberium universe[edit | edit source]

Tiberian Sun[edit | edit source]

Tiberium Wars[edit | edit source]

Tiberian Twilight[edit | edit source]

Red Alert universe[edit | edit source]

Red Alert[edit | edit source]

Red Alert 2[edit | edit source]

Tech buildings in Red Alert 2 are always designated with yellow flag with a black wrench. Once captured, they are considered an extension of a base and buildings may be constructed near them.

Yuri's Revenge[edit | edit source]

Red Alert 3[edit | edit source]

Unoccupied tech buildings are always seen with white flag with a gear symbol. Once captured, they are not considered part of a base and do not expand the build radius around themselves (unless otherwise noted).

Due to a glitch or an oversight, further re-capturing of the same tech building will only change the building's and the flag's colour, but not the flag design and insignia.

Campaign-only[edit | edit source]

These tech structures could be only seen in campaign and not in official skirmish maps. However, they could be built in custom Worldbuilder maps.

  • Imperial Com Tower - reveals a large portion of the fog of war from the battlefield. In the Allied Uprising campaign, it is used to call King Onis as reinforcements.
  • New York Stock Exchange - provides an initial credit bonus, and then a constant stream of funds ($100)
  • Swiss Bank - provides an initial credit bonus, and then a constant stream of funds ($5)
  • GAME, EBGames,GameStop, and Best Buy - these gaming retail stores were used as an Easter egg on exclusive maps. They provide a constant stream of funds ($10).
  • Cooling Tower - supports FutureTech Arsenals
  • Firebase

Generals universe[edit | edit source]

Generals[edit | edit source]

These are captured by infantry with the Capture Building ability. Like in Red Alert 2, they are distinguished by a yellow flag with a black wrench.

Tech Structures & Neutral Forces