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Reinforcement Pad
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Apparently abandoned Reinforcement Pads were captured by commanders as quickly as possible, and often squabbled over. By capturing these facilities (using infantry equipped with the Capture Building upgrade), commanders could periodically receive one of their basic vehicle types by air. The type of vehicle dropped would be the same on each occasion and was typically a tank, with some variation for more specialized generals. While the delay between drops meant that the number of vehicles able to be delivered over a period of time did not appear to be threatening, these free units could quickly mount up enough to become a nuisance (however, they can defend the said reinforcement pad). Hence, enemy commanders would do their best to capture or simply destroy these structures (they were relatively fragile).

The list of the different vehicles dropped for each side is as follows:

The vehicle received by the reinforcement pad depends on the starting faction of the player, rather than the infantry unit used to capture it (for instance, an Infantry General player will receive Assault Troop Transports even if they capture it using a vanilla USA Ranger).

If a reinforcement pad is destroyed while a vehicle is being dropped, the vehicle is destroyed with it.

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