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This Template was copied from Wikipedia on 30/08/2007.

This template is for citing sources.

The use of citation templates is not mandatory.



{{cite |author=Fred Bloggs |title=A book |publisher=A Publisher |date=2004-07-31 }}


Fred Bloggs, A book, A Publisher, 2004-07-31.

Note: As "the date" is a single parameter in the code, using something like date=July 31, 2004 doesn't work. Hence the ISO date format is used in the example.

Useful links[edit source]

  • Zotero - find articles in Mozilla Firefox and easily paste them into Wikipedia as citation templates with Ctrl-Alt-C
  • Cite generator - find articles using built-in Google Scholar interface and automatically produce an appropriate cite template. Also features a BibTeX to {{cite}} converter.