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Template:Generals 2 APA Arsenal

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Please add this template to all Generals 2 APA Arsenal pages so that they are categorised.

Add the following code to each page to add the template AND associated categories.

{{Generals 2 APA Arsenal}}

If the page you're adding this to is NOT a Generals 2 APA Arsenal page then use the following code instead to add the template but exclude categories.

{{Generals 2 APA Arsenal|NoCat=1}}

Please ensure...

  • ...that all links in the template proceed directly to the intended page and not to a redirect. This is to ensure that the page currently being viewed is highlighted in any templates.
  • ... that there are no double redirects to here otherwise the template will not display correctly on pages that use those double redirect.
    • Double redirects are any sublistings in link above. Change them to point directly to this page.

Template Specific instructions and Template

G2 Logo APA.png Asia-Pacific Alliance Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo APA.png