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Template:Get name

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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This returns the article name of a disambiguated page's name. E.g.

{{Get name|Iron Curtain (Red Alert 1)}}

returns "Iron Curtain"

Useful with {{PAGENAME}}.

You may also use "A" (for "Article") instead of "Get name"

{{A|Iron Curtain (Red Alert 1)}}

returns "Iron Curtain"

Implementation: it removes everything after the LAST open bracket character ("(") including the character itself. It then removes trailing spaces off the remaining string.

{{A|Iron Curtain (Red Alert 1)         (Red Alert 2)}}

returns "Iron Curtain (Red Alert 1)"

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Debugging Info[edit source]

{{A|Iron Curtain}}

returns "Iron Curtain"

Documentation transcluded from Template:Get name/doc.