Temple of the Tacitus

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Temple of the Tacitus
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South America


Extreme Tiberium contamination


Red Zone (2031)



Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Dogma Day Afternoon

The Temple of the Tacitus was a pyramidal shaped structure similar to the 'step' pyramids common to the area around Bolivia and was guarded by a cult of Tiberium worshippers led by a man named Mortimer and his followers (They did not, however, appear to be related to Nod in any way). However, this temple contained the second piece of the 'Tacitus' that was recovered by GDI with the help of CABAL and an archeologist after the Second Tiberium War. The hieroglyphics on the temple indicated that it indeed contained the second piece, and it was unknown for how long the second piece of the Tacitus had rested there.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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