Texas DMZ campaign

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Texas DMZ

European Theater

Part of

Third World War




Southern United States


Soviet bases in southern United States destroyed


RA2 Flag USA.png United States

RA2 Flag Russia.png Soviet Union
RA2 Flag Cuba.png Cuba


Destroy the Soviet bases

Destroy the Allied bases


Full Allied arsenal

Full Soviet arsenal

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It's Americans versus Soviets in the Southwestern United States. Players must push the Soviets and their Cuban allies out of the Texas plains. The campaign ends with the destruction of a Russian fortress just inside the Mexican border. Difficulty is EASY.
- Campaign briefing

This is the first cooperative campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Mission 1[edit | edit source]

The Soviets have invaded Texas! Stop them.
- Mission briefing

Texas, USA: The first Soviet unit to enter the United States was the Russian 2nd Motorized Rifle Division. They quickly set up bases in Southern Texas from which they could strike at US strategic assets all across the Southwest. American forces were quickly overwhelmed and it soon looked as though Russian and Cuban divisions would occupy all major cities in the southern US. Only a few diehard American commanders stood in the way.
- Commander's Log

Mission 2[edit | edit source]

Soviet and Cuban forces are striking into Alabama. Destroy them.
- Mission briefing

Alabama, USA: In the 2nd week of the war, despite massive loses, Soviet and Cuban forces attempted to link their battle lines in Alabama. Though their resources were nearly depleted, American commanders managed to put up a stiff resistance.
- Commander's Log

Mission 3[edit | edit source]

Cuban forces have invaded Florida. Push them back into the sea.
- Mission briefing

Florida, USA: While Russian forces raged across the Old South, Cuban forces quickly invaded Florida. Their first attacks were successful, however the Cubans met with grass-roots resistance when American commanders managed to procure a few MCVs from European blockade-runners.
- Commander's Log

Mission 4[edit | edit source]

Soviet forces threaten Atlanta. Find and destroy their supply base.
- Mission briefing

Georgia, USA: In the 4th week of the war, Russian and Cuban forces gathered in the Georgian countryside. Their mission was simple, gather resources, replenish two badly damaged Soviet divisions and then rage into the undefended city of Atlanta. The Soviet policy was clear, resistance must be punished and the American rebels must be taught a lesson. Before the Soviets were ready, a British spy sent word of the attack to American Commanders and battle was joined.
- Commander's Log

Mission 5[edit | edit source]

The Soviets have a network of bases along the Mexican border. Destroy them to end the war.
- Mission briefing

Texas, USA: As the Soviets were pushed back out of the United States, the last survivors of the battle for Texas laid siege to a mighty Russian battle fortress on the Mexican border. From this base the Soviets could make air and nuclear strikes deep into the United States. The Soviet base had to be destroyed, no matter what the price.
- Commander's Log

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