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Tiberian Twilight ranks

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CNC4 Gameicon.png

Ranks indicate the player's position in the hierarchy of Nod and GDI. Players also need to unlock specific ranks to gain access to better equipment.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

GDI[edit | edit source]

Symbol Name Exp. Needed Tech Unlocked
CNC4 GDI R1.jpg
Recruit 0 N/A
CNC4 GDI R2.jpg
Private 2000 Striker, Dozer, Repair zone
CNC4 GDI R3.jpg
Lance Corporal 4000 Bulldog, Zone Lancer, Guardian cannon, Spanner, Status reboot, Speed boost (Offense), Accuracy boost (Support)
CNC4 GDI R4.jpg
Corporal 6000 Missile turret, Range boost (Offense), Refire boost (Defense), Speed boost (Support)
CNC4 GDI R5.jpg
Sergeant 8000 Shockwave, Spartan tank, Tunnel, Paladin, Accelerated construction, Refire boost (Offense), Speed boost (Defense), Refire boost (Support), Tier 2 Tech
CNC4 GDI R6.jpg
Staff Sergeant 10000 Sandstorm, Zone Raider, Hammerhead
CNC4 GDI R7.jpg
First Sergeant 12000 Focus beam, Overkill, Resonance amplifier, Assault packs, Berzerker engines
CNC4 GDI R8.jpg
Sergeant Major 14000 Commando, Armadillo, Firehawk, Tech support, Missile storm, Medical training
CNC4 GDI R9.jpg
Ensign 16000 Conductor, Demolitions kit, Weapon dampeners
CNC4 GDI R10.jpg
Second Lieutenant 18000 Falcon MLRS, EMP mine drop, Enhanced repairs, Electrolysis projector
CNC4 GDI R11.jpg
Lieutenant 20000 Point defense shields, Composite armor, Defensive matrix, Advanced thrusters
CNC4 GDI R12.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 22000 Mammoth tank, Thunderhead, Supply drop, Tier 3 Tech
CNC4 GDI R13.jpg
Commander 24000 Mirror coat, Enhanced shields
CNC4 GDI R14.jpg
Captain 26000 Rhino, Backup systems, Gravity field
CNC4 GDI R15.jpg
Major 28000 Archangel, Battle hardening, Reflective dozer
CNC4 GDI R16.jpg
Colonel 30000 Refractor, Crystal shield, Displacement field
CNC4 GDI R17.jpg
Brigadier General 32000 Skystrike artillery, Sonic artillery, Mirror plating
CNC4 GDI R18.jpg
Major General 34000 Juggernaut, Firehawk airstrike, Augmented reconstruction
CNC4 GDI R19.jpg
Lieutenant General 36000 Advanced composite armor, Sticky bombs, Charged capacitors
CNC4 GDI R20.jpg
General 38000 Mastodon, Ion Cannon, Kodiak, Seismic disturbance, Dispersion bays, Mobility matrix, Defensive maneuvers

Nod[edit | edit source]

Symbol Name Experience threshold Tech unlocked
CNC4 Nod R1.jpg
Believer 0 N/A
CNC4 Nod R2.jpg
Initiate 2000 Spider tank, Slave, Burrow mines, Accuracy boost (Defense)
CNC4 Nod R3.jpg
Acolyte 4000 Mantis, Reaper, Viper turret, Scalpel, Accuracy boost (Offense), Accuracy boost (Support)
CNC4 Nod R4.jpg
Disciple 6000 Rocket pod, Demoralize, Range boost (Offense), Refire boost (Defense), Speed boost (Support)
CNC4 Nod R5.jpg
Brother 8000 Flame tank, Centurion, Burrow tunnel, Tyrant, EMP countermeasures, Speed boost (Offense), Speed boost (Defense), Refire boost (Support), Tier 2 Tech
CNC4 Nod R6.jpg
Apostle 10000 Stealth tank, Black Hand, Salamander
CNC4 Nod R7.jpg
Prefect 12000 Trail of Flame, Obelisk of Light, Obelisk of Life, Dark Armaments, Cloak module
CNC4 Nod R8.jpg
Confessor 14000 Cyborg Commando, Reckoner, Vertigo, Cloaking field, Infiltration module
Deacon 16000 Hijacker, Stealth field, Medical training, Infusion engine
Archdeacon 18000 Flame column, Firestorm ignition, Enhanced repairs, Data worm
Abbot 20000 Decoy army, Stealth generator, Defensive matrix, Mobile stealth generator (Support)
CNC4 Nod R12.jpg
Grand Confessor 22000 Avatar, High Confessor, Basilisk, Hack radar, Tier 3 Tech
Pontifex 24000 Drilltip, Subterranean strike
Vicar 26000 Backup systems, Aftershock, Spectrum beam
Executor 28000 Improved concealment, Medusa, Hand of Legion
Exarch 30000 Widow, Disruption tower, Vein detonation
Vizier 32000 Arachnophobia, Incinerator, Risen monolith
R18-Grand Vizier.png
Grand Vizier 34000 Underminer, Amplification overrides, Mark of Kane
R19-Inner Circle.png
Inner Circle 36000 Mobile stealth generator (Offense), Enhanced shields, Charged capacitors
R20-Hand of Kane.png
Hand of Kane 38000 Specter, Tiberium catalyst, Mobility matrix, Temple of Nod, Leviathan, Hangar bays, Tiberium infusion