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Tiberium Alliances funds

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Tiberium Alliances funds, or TA funds for short, are the in-game premium currency of Tiberium Alliances. The only way to gain them for free is by filling out surveys and and signing up for certain services. 

Items purchasable[edit | edit source]

Crates: Crates are packages containing either resources (Tiberium, Crystals, Power, or Credits) or Command Points. The amount differs by rank, with higher ranks granting greater amounts in each crate. Command Point Crates are always the same, holding 12 each.

Command Point Capacity: Increases the total capacity for the number of Command Points, thus boosting the amount of attacks you can launch.

Offense Repair Time: Increases the limit on how much repair time is stored, and works well with Command Point Boost. 

Package Amount: Power Plants, Harvesters, and Refineries all produce Packages, which are made every 6 hours for level 12+ buildings. The more Packages (default 2) are collected at once, the greater immediate gain.