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Time Belt

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RA3 Gameicon.png
Permission to Use Time Belt?!!
- Tanya
RA3 Timebelt Icons.png

Time belt is Tanya's second ability in Red Alert 3, and one of new inventions from FutureTech. Its purpose is to return to any status she was 10 seconds ago. This can help her from being seriously damaged and escape from any difficulties. However, the time belt requires recharging so it cannot be used continuously. Tanya is the only person who has this amazing technology, as it is Futuretech's only prototype. Furthermore, Tanya is the only one currently testing it out in the field, a role she takes well. Some controversy exists concerning the belt, as people often wonder about the psychological effects of getting injuries, only to lose them through time travel, yet still have memory of them. When asked this question however, Tanya's only response was "It's pretty wild.", showing her apparent lack of concern. Other controversy stems out of the Soviet's higher officials who claim the belt is an unfair advantage. Despite the controversies though, the belt continued to be used by Tanya throughout the war.

Use of the time belt[edit | edit source]

Using the time belt returns Tanya to the health status and location that she was in ten seconds ago. With good timing she can travel a location by Chronosphere, destroy a building and return homing using the time belt.

The time belt does not seem to have the 'freeze' problem associated with the Chronosphere and Chrono Swap where units are unable to move for a brief period after transport.