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Time bomb

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Time Bomb

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1 security point

  • Level 1: A bomb is chronoshifted into place, taking 5 seconds to explode.
  • Level 2: A larger bomb is chronoshifted into place, taking 10 seconds to explode.
  • Level 3: An even larger bomb is chronoshifted into place, taking 20 seconds to explode.

The Time Bomb is a Top Secret Protocol available to the Allies. It causes a bomb to be chronoshifted in and after a 5 second, 10 second, or 20 second countdown (depending on the size of the bomb) it explodes causing destruction all around. It is described as a "Mass-teleported ordnance" in-game. The Time Bomb is only available after Advanced aeronautics and Surgical strike have been authorized and, like most protocols, the bomb may only be chronoshifted into revealed territory.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There are three levels of Time Bomb. They are as follows:

Time Bomb - The basic time bomb causes low to medium damage, has the shortest countdown time of 5 seconds.

Deluxe Time Bomb - A step up from the time bomb causes medium to heavy damage, has a medium countdown time of 10 seconds.

Supreme Time Bomb- This monstrosity will rid of all but the most heavily armored enemies in the detonation area. Causes heavy to crippling damage to anything within the blast area, has a long countdown time of 20 seconds.

It should be noted that the bigger the time bomb, the longer it takes the ability to detonate.

Counters[edit | edit source]

While time bombs may seem very intimidating, they are not without flaws. Blackout missiles from aircraft carriers can shut a timebomb down for a brief period. Shrinking the bomb with a cryocopter's shrink beam vastly reduces the damage it does. If the bomb is frozen by a cryocopter, a cryo legionnaire, or even a cryoshot, the countdown is paused until it defrosts. Timebombs can be transported with the Chronosphere, making returning the bomb to its sender entirely possible. Yuriko Omega is also capable of destroying these time bombs by levitating them and destroying them in the air, making her the only known non-Allied unit that can hinder the bomb's explosive power.

Destroying a time bomb does not cancel the explosion, but instead causes the device to detonate prematurely.

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