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Prior to the GLA conflict, dangerous chemical and biological weapons like Anthrax were stored in specially designed concrete bunkers, which could store them in large quantities for prolonged periods of time. When GLA commanders rose to power the bunkers became high priority targets, as their volatile and dangerous contents were an ideal addition to their arsenal; the GLA would replace their amateur arsenal with military grade biochem weapons.

However the bunkers were old and quite fragile. When damaged, they could leak their contents onto the surrounding area, rendering the environment extremely hazardous. If destroyed, the chemicals would contaminate everything within a half-mile radius, but it quickly disperses. It could also be cleaned up quickly by an Ambulance.

Appearances of the Toxin Bunker[edit | edit source]

The GLA conflict has seen many of these bunkers captured or accidentally destroyed by any faction's armed forces.

The toxin bunker first appeared in the Hong Kong Crisis which supplied chemicals for the GLA's Toxin Tractors. Chinese tanks ravaged the Arms Dealer producing the tractors and recaptured the bunker. The GLA captured a chemical plant in Tibet. After a taskforce led by Black Lotus destroyed the stinger sites, Chinese MiGs destroyed the plant in a napalm strike to prevent a toxin spill into the Yangzte River.

Toxin bunkers became a vital component in the GLA arsenal. When the bunkers in the Aral Sea region were captured by the Americans, the GLA fought to recapture at least four of those bunkers. A couple of bunkers were destroyed by the Americans as a trap to infect the GLA forces but the GLA managed to regain control of the bunkers and drive the Americans out of the area.

Zero Hour[edit | edit source]

The Toxin Bunker did not make much of an appearance in Zero Hour as the war shifted locations from Asia to Europe. However the GLA General Dr. Thrax controlled five toxin bunkers in his Generals Challenge map to prevent infantry from advancing to his base. In this stage, Thrax may chose to detonate the structures at-will.

In the final mission of Generals Challenge, a version of toxin bunker exists. In only this mission, capturing one would reset General Leang's superweapon counter.

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