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Transcript:Armored Assault

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Intro[edit | edit source]

(A GDI Transport Helicopter lands on Locke's Helicarrier. Havoc steps out and looks toward the bridge. Locke turns away. Two GDI military policemen approache him.)

Havoc: Not again...

GDI MP: Sorry, sir...the call just came in we're to place you under arrest.

(Havoc holds his hands out)

Havoc: What kept you?

(Havoc is shown sitting in a cell. The MPs open his door and guesture for him to report to the bridge. Havoc enters the bridge.)

Locke: Hope you've had time to contemplate your actions, Havoc.

Havoc: Won't happen again, I swear.

Locke: Yes, well...good. Your old special forces team, the Dead-Six just got back from Peru with some...disturbing information. This is surveillance video from GDI's R&D base in Guatemala. The Black Hand launched an attack on the facility and captured our top three Tiberium research specialists.

(Locke brings up pictures of the scientists.)

Locke: Dr. Ignatio Mobious. His daughter, Sydney, and Dr. Elana Petrova. The rest of the staff was executed on the spot. These video captures were taken from the same surveillance tape.

(Locke shows a picture of Carlos Mendoza.)

We've been able to identify this man. His name is Mendoza, a former operative for the Sword of Chagal, an extremist wing of the Columbian separatist movement. Now, he's the Brotherhood's most dangerous assasain.

(Locke brings up an image of General Gideon Raveshaw.)

Locke: We've never seen this man before. We do know that the supreme commander of the Black Hand is a general, named Raveshaw. This might be our first look at him.

Havoc: Pee-wee and I have already met.

Locke: He's a cold blooded killer. Havoc, if Raveshaw is involved, this operation may have been ordered by Kane himself. We've discovered where Raveshaw has taken our scientists. Your orders will be delivered en-route.

Havoc: I'm on it.

Locke: Havoc...one more thing.

(Locke shows an image of Sakura.)

Havoc: Sakura.

Locke: Do you know that your ex-....squad member... joined the Black Hand?

Havoc: She's a mencenary. She follows the money.

Locke: As long as there isn't any...conflict of interest.

Havoc: Conflict of interest? No..I've got interest in conflict.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

The civilian scientists are most likely being held in the nearby Nod base. Locate the missing scientists.

Hint: Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles...

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Locke: Havoc, locate the Nod base facility and recover the scientists. Here's a Humvee to get you started.

(A GDI Transport Helicopter drops off a Humvee on the road ahead.)

Locke: Take the Humvee, Havoc. You've got a lot of open road to cover.

(Havoc enters the Humvee.)

Locke:Havoc, take out that Helipad and you'll encounter less Apaches along the route, as it will take them longer to arrive.

(Havoc approaches a guard tower on a hill.)

Locke: Looks like Nod has an officer coordinating reinforcements in that guard tower. Eliminate all resistance and ocuipy the tower.

(Havoc destroys the Helipad.)

Locke: The Helipad is down! Nice work, Havoc.

(Havoc secures the guard tower.)

Locke: Objective secure. Nice one, Havoc, keep an eye out for additional reinforcements.

(A Transport Helicopter drops off another Humvee.)