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Transcript:Capture the Chronosphere

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Capture the Chronosphere

Red Alert


Capture the Chronosphere


Capture the Tech Centers


Soviet Supremacy

This page includes a transcript of Capture the Chronosphere, the thirteenth and penultimate Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

RAR Soviets Logo.png Georgi Kukov: I cannot believe they would risk keeping Einstein in such a poorly defended area.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia Zelenkov: Believe it or not, they did. And now we have him. The transmitter is undetectable and has a range of 500 miles.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Joseph Stalin: What makes you think the Allies will try to rescue him? Certainly, they think he died in the attack on the base.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia: That would have been true, had I not leaked information about Einstein's capture and scheduled execution. The Allies will come fore their prize.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: And we will be able to track him through his watch.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Kukov: Yes Comrade, and he will lead us right to the Chronosphere.
Stalin turns to live footage of Einstein's scheduled execution. Einstein is suddenly teleported out of the area before the officer orders to fire.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia: Einstein is gone, Comrade.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Kukov: Allied coordinates coming in now.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: With the Chronosphere and the Iron Curtain soon we will stand invincible!
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin (to player): Prepare a strike team.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Kukov: Be careful, the Allied radar automatically sends a destruct code to the Chronosphere if an intruder is detected. If you are detected before the radar is captured, we could lose the Chronosphere.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Losing the Chronosphere is not an option.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

We have another chance to capture the Chronosphere. Take out the Radar Domes to cut the link between them and the Chronosphere. Then capture it!