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Transcript:Chrono Defense

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Chrono Defense

Red Alert 2


Chrono Defense





This page includes a transcript of Chrono Defense, the seventh Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri: General, good evening! Brilliant as usual I see. However, I have sad news. Vladimir, you should hear this too before it goes public. Premier Romanov has fallen ill and will no longer be able to perform his duties.
RA2Sovietlogo.png Vladimir: Really?
RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri: But that is not our immediate concern. The Allies have turned to the German professor Albert Einstein, who has built for them a Chronosphere, a mass teleportation device. My intelligence source have pinpointed their target: our own research laboratory in the Ural Mountains. It is my belief that the Allies will attempt to steal our plans for the new Apocalypse tank.
RA2Sovietlogo.png Vladimir: Oh, and did your intelligence not warn you that Einstein would get involved? Or he is not vulnerable to your vulturous mind?
RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri: That will be enough.
RA2Sovietlogo.png Vladimir (angered): You are a traitor! And a fool if you think that I would let you control me! My tanks! My-
RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri: Enough General Vladimir! Consider yourself dismissed. Count your days...
RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri (to player): General, defend our mountains. I'll give the Premier your best wishes.

Loading screen[edit | edit source]

Operation: Chrono Defense - Location: Ural Mountains, Russia
Objective 1: Defend your Battle Lab at all costs.