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Transcript:Chrono Storm

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Chrono Storm
President Dugan at Carville's funeral
President Dugan at Carville's funeral

Red Alert 2


Chrono Storm




Yuri's Revenge installation

This page includes a transcript of Chrono Storm, the twelfth and final Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Honor Guard: Ready... aim... fire!

Volley salute fires.

Michael Dugan: He served his country well - a proud American. And I know Carville would've been proud to see you succeed him as Commander-General of the Allied Forces. General, we need you to take us the rest of the way. Next stop: the Kremlin. Special Agent Tanya has the job of moving inside the Kremlin and finding Romanov, who will pay for all the millions of innocent lives he took!

Harriers fly by.

Dugan: Remember, we're still outnumbered three-to-one, so we'll be marching everyone we can through the Chronosphere in the Keys. Once they appear in Russia they're all yours Commander. Take the Kremlin, Commander. Let's end this war!

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Eva's notification on reinforcements[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Commander, reports from our Chrono troops in the field indicate you are all clear. They're ready to receive your MCV.

Einstein's showcase of the weather control machine[edit | edit source]

Albert Einstein: Well Commander, I have learned it is never a good idea to play around with the forces of nature. But with this evil Romanov running loose again, we have no choice! This weather control device provides very advanced manipulation of the weather patterns. These are God's toys Commander... use them wisely.

Ending[edit | edit source]

Montage plays of the Battle of Moscow; featuring Harriers eliminating a column of Apocalypse tanks, the weather control device being activated, and a group of Prism tanks obliterating a nuclear missile silo

Kremlin personnel hurry to dress up Romanov's imposter; Tanya kicks open the door to Romanov's office

Tanya: Where's Romanov?!

Imposter reveals himself from behind the conscript.

Tanya is unimpressed; knocks out the imposter, pushes away the conscript, and finds Romanov hiding behind his desk covered under the Soviet flag in his underwear.

Video cuts to magazine covers and news reports of the war's aftermath.

Reporter: After months of brutal fighting... Allied forces have captured Soviet Premier Romanov in his Kremlin command post late this afternoon in a dizzying show of high technology and good old military discipline. Much of the credit for the amazing success of the Allied campaign goes to a little-known commander from-

Video cuts to Tanya in front of the Marine One.

Tanya: When you're done patting yourself on the back, I have a little proposition for you. The President has invited you... us, to his victory gala at the White House tonight. I thought you maybe wanna ride, just listen for the sound of the helos. Oh, and for heaven's sake, hit the showers soldier.