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Transcript:Covert Cleanup

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Covert Cleanup
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Red Alert


Covert Cleanup


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Behind the Lines

This page includes a transcript of Covert Cleanup, the third Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

RAR Soviets Logo.png Radik Gradenko: The imperialists are at our mercy; we have fourteen tank divisions on this border.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia Zelenkov: And the Allies with only three divisions holds you off.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko: At the rate of our noble comrades' advance, we will occupy all of Europe within 60 days.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia: Perhaps, but eleven months over schedule. It is vital to the public and our efforts that we take Berlin before Comrade Stalin's birthday.
A mysterious advisor arrives and whispers to Stalin.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Joseph Stalin: Comrade Gradenko, did you not report all our nerve gas sites secure?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko: I inspected them myself.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Then how did the Allied dogs eliminate our Sovrensk facility!?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko: Impossible, my security was-
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia: Inefficient as we feared. That plant was our primary site. Will there be enough nerve gas left to proceed with our plan? What about Einstein? Is his propulsion system research still on schedule?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Well?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko (nervous): I-I uhm, must report. A few hours ago, Einstein was kidnapped.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: I know.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko (nervous): We are recovering him as we speak!
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Good. [Laughs] Good! I do not wish to kill so committed an officer as you, Gradenko.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia: I don't know where Einstein is, yet. But I do know who betrayed our cause. We have tracked him down inland where he undoubtedly waits to rendezvous with resistance forces. He must die a traitor's death.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia (to player): Get to Kyriagin and use your dogs to sniff out the coward before he can take refuge in a safehouse.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

An Allied spy has bypassed our security, damaged our base, and is now seeking to escape. Use your attack dogs to track him down and exterminate him. The civilians are aiding the spy and will have set traps for your men. If the spy escapes you, your life is forfeit.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Kill the enemy spy